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Collection of different snippets of “the Venice Beach clip” filmed in Venice Beach, California, on September 1938. Swinging in the sandtime…on the sandy beach of Venice, CA, the jitterbugs have foregathered to put on one of the world’s greatest swing jamborees. Film shows a group of LA Swing dancers promoting the upcoming National Jitterbug championships, which took place Nov 18th 1938. The contest was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum, and was in part sponsored by the Palomar Ballroom.

Dancers in the film:

  • Hal Takier is in the black pants, and his partner is Betty Takier.
  • The couple doing collegiate shag is Connie Wydell and and his partner is (possibly) Barbara Plum.
  • The guy in the striped sweater is Richard “Dick” Landry.
  • The guy in the all-white outfit is Jack Helwig and and his partner is Genevie Grazis.

Original caption: 9/8/1938-Venice, CA- Eckies and jitterbugs danced the “Yam,” “Flying Dutchman,” “Corrigan Hop (which is the “Lindy Hop” done backwards), “Twerly Q,” Chinese Puzzle,” “Jam” and the “Hollywood Shuffle” on the beach at Venice, California

Original caption: 9/8/1938- Venice, CA: Swinging in the sandtime…on the sandy beach of Venice, CA, the jitterbugs have foregathered to put on one of the world’s greatest swing jamborees. Some of the best in the country have entered in the California championships for all classes of jittery jitterbugs.

Information from http://swungover.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/random-balboa-geek-discovery-new-information-and-possibly-misinformation-on-the-venice-beach-clip/

 “Waist-Down Clips”. Extra footage from film the early examples of film noir by Stuart Heisler “Among the Living” (1941). Combination of two clips of film from the Corbis footage site involving Southern California swing dancers. Lindy Hop, Bal-Swing and Balboa are represented. The dancers in that movie: Ray Hirsch and Patti Lacey are the couple on the left, and, based on IMDB information, Roy Lester and Jane Allen are probably the couple on the right.

Information from http://swungover.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/random-lindy-hop-and-balboa-geek-discovery-bal-swing-and-lindy-from-the-waist-down-and-something-possibly-amazing/

 Clip from film “Among the Living” (1941) Ray Hirsch and Pattie Lacey.

 Clip showing “Randy swing” the type of swing dancing done in Los Angeles before the arrival of Lindy Hop. Musical “Start Cheering” (1938).

Lawrence ‘Lolly’ Wise is dancing with Lil Arnold, and Maxie Dorf is dancing with Mary McCasslin. These dancers were known as the “Ray Rand swingers” and did performances. After speaking with Lolly and watching this clip, we were inspired to name these kicks “Lollies” , even though Lolly just called them Charleston Kicks or kicks for short… (Peter Loggins)

 Clip from comedy film written and directed by Preston Sturges “The Miracle of Morgans Creek” (which was filmed in 1942 and early 1943, but not released until 1944). Clip combining the swing dance footage from the film with the cut “Waist Down Footage”.

 Swing Dancing in the short film “Maharaja” (1943). Dancers Hal & Betty Takier.

 Clip from the short film “Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra” (1941) as they play “Three Little Words”. Dancers Jack Arkin and Marion Goldy.

 Swing Dancers in Los Angeles. Clip from the film “Marihuana” (1936).

 Clip from the short film “Somewhat Secret” (1939).

 Clip from the film “Bachelor mother” (1939). The dancers include: Marge Wilson, Lawrence ‘Lolly’ Wise, Barbara Pepper, “Shadow” Cole, Bert Moorhouse, Jack Chefe, “Connie” Wiedell and Ginger Rogers.

 Swing dance clip  from the film “Ringside Maisie (1941).  Ann Sothern dances with Roy Lester but as is the case with a lot of these dance scenes featuring Hollywood stars the best dancing is seen in the background.

 1930’s swing in Los Angeles. Roy Damron dancing with Snookie.

 Swing dance from the film “Young ideas” (1943). Dancers: Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan. And some Balboa on 1:02?

 Clip from the film “Sunday sinners” (1940).

Swing dance clip from the film “Blondie meets the boss” (1939). The dancers are Ray Hirsch with Patti Lacey and Barbara Kent with a guy in a stripped jacket who’s identity is uncertain. Also dancing sort of, are actors Arthur Lake and Dorothy Moore. The band is Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra.

Swing dance clip from the film “Kid Dynamite ” (1943).

Swing dance clip from the film “The horn blows at midnight ” (1945). The dancers include: Dean Collins dancing with Jean Veloz, also Johnny Archer, Lennie Smith, Johnny Duncan and may be Irene Thomas.

Swing dance clip from the film “Dance hall” (1941). Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan dancing.

Swing dance clip from the short film “It’s in the stars” (1938). Johnny Downs with Eleanor Lynn dancing.

Swing dance clip from the film “Priorities on parade” (1942). Irene Thomas and Nate Arkin are the featured couple.

Swing dance – three chort clips: 1) from the film “Too many girls” (1940); from an unknown film (1940’s); 3) from the film “Sing all the way home” (1945).

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